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This wasn't fun lol. I did this peice for my art class to show different shades of colour along with different ways to colour an image
Been on the to do list for a while finaly got him finished. I liked how the background came out I wanted him to appear as though he could fade into the background so left the edges soft in places not sure how well it worked
Asuka and unit 2
Definitely one of my favorite's :-)
Evangelion is rather special to me it is one of the first anime I ever watched and the one that started off my love of anime. I just recently sat down and watched 3.33 there will be more fan art on the way but I thought I would draw Asuka first.
Had fun doing this done with ink, coffee and lemon juice. Arron and his wife. I wanted it to almost resemble a very old photo of the two of them
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1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their avatars.

My Character Arron Greyson   Happy Halloween  by Polkadotdiva  Arron And Dog by Polkadotdiva I hope I am doing this right just saying 8 facts is hard especially for one of my more developed characters.  

1. Arron comes from a race of people that used to be slaves to the Earth Dragons, their minds easily linked to the dragons they were also easier to obtain than hybrids *dragon human cross* with the mind reading ability. His people eventually freed themselves from the dragons which went back to using hybrids as their slaves, his people now keep to their own, their village is already isolated no outsiders are welcome, they continue to hope the dragons have forgotten their existence.

2. the fact their village boarders the dragon's territories which has made it easy to keep outsiders from coming in they are stuck because they have some very different traits to humans everyone in the village has the same eyes and hair. 

2. because the Dragon's took so many of the people from the village the history of his people died and they no longer have a name. 

3. Arron serves the dragon King he developed the same illness as his mother who's mind deteriorated *an illness much like dementia.* He made the deal with the dragons which as part of their deal halted the disease but could not undo the memories Arron had already lost.

4. Because of the illness he seeks to learn as much as he can and has a true fear of forgetting any of the gained knowledge he has. Now that he serves the dragon King he has access to the vast libraries of dragons, since neither race ages he has managed to gain a lot of knowledge also learning more of his people and managing to restore some of what was lost from their history. 

5. Arron's mother died. Because of her illness she begged to die, Arron's father granted that wish and killed her he left the village and didn't come back leaving Arron to fend for himself. Arron left his childhood home and took up a few jobs trying to become a soldier like his father which didn't go well, he later became a mercenary and took up odd jobs including an executioner and teacher. 

6. His hound Dog is a hell-hound cross a stray that wandered into his village when Arron was young his father let him keep her to give Arron a friend. Since he was always caring for his mother he didn't have time to make friends in his village, The village also feared his mothers illness might be contagious not understanding what was wrong with her. They kept their distance from Arron and his family only letting them stay because Arron's father was the village leader and the family was old and respected one. Arron and Dog are always together she is never far from his side. 

7. Arron is targeted by humans and named as the Destroyer which very nearly costs him his life he has jet black eyes and pale hair with a silver blue tinge to it he constantly hides his appearance under a heavy coat with a hood and scarf pulled high to shadow his face so his hair and eyes cant be made out. 

8. Arron has one daughter that despises him and two grandsons the village is destroyed and they are the last of that race of people. 

1.  my oc again....Misaki Yuki~ by Monouzaka-Orihime Monouzaka-Orihime 

2.  My Vulture by porcelianDoll  porcelianDoll 

3.  Wild Samurai by HammySan HammySan 

4.  Seiren by Snowy-Ninja Snowy-Ninja

looking through other galleries to find oc's wasn't as easy as I thought it would be so I am tagging my next four people and hope they join in and share an oc they might have tucked away and haven't maybe drawn for a while :) 

5. Hellobaby
6. SybileArt
7. PetaloMaM
8. RysikART


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Hi to everyone kind enough to view my page. I am a 28yr mother of one
I am a mostly self taught artist I did get a level 4 cert in art which exposed me to a whole bunch of different mediums.
*I just cant figure out the computer stuff.* At the moment water color pencils and ink are my mediums of choice I also like to sew and I do have a few plans to start getting back into making plushs.
Almost everything I draw are OC's from my story which I swear will be written out and edited one day.
I live in the country and spend a lot of hours outdoors so I do most of my art when it's raining and I have time to myself.


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